top football blogs to follow 2017

There is no shortage of soccer blogs and millions of sports posts are published every day.

That means it might be difficult to find the right piece of sporting information including football manager, football news and much more. That is why we have decided to create the top football blogs every fan must follow in 2017 and beyond.

We started with a list of over 700 soccer blogs but through careful analysis, we present to you our top 100 football blogs for the best soccer and football news.

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  1. 0ff the post (

Off the post is a blog that deals with basically football gossips and transfers. It is one of the leading soccer blogs around. It also has sections that you can watch videos of some of your favorite teams, their highlights and training sessions. Off the post also promotes football betting and tips that putters and gamblers can take advantage off.

  1. The Kop timers (

This blog is mainly meant to discuss Liverpool football club, their transfers, training sessions, form and everything that concern Liverpool football fans. If you are an ardent follower of Liverpool and you don’t want to work alone, I will suggest you stick to this blog for updates on your favorite team. It also has sections where fans can write about their opinions and grievances about the club.

  1. Outside of the boot (

The football website is engrossed with football analysis and tactics. It takes the beautiful game to another height where the focus is what makes the game tick. This site takes opinions of experts and people who have played the game before and know what about goes on and off the field. It is also obsessed on unearthing young talents who are rough diamonds and beaming the spotlight on them for prospective clubs to take notice.

  1. Go soccer (

Created by livewire creative services in 2003.The site is mainly concerned with anything soccer            around the world’s also has various apps which can allow you to stream live matches .Talks about its opinion on football and how technology influences the game. The site is also like an archive where the gradual evolution of soccer over the years is explored. For people who are interested in the history of the game, this site is recommended.

  1. A football report (

Powered by Eric beard , Nathan Mcvitte, Zack Goldman Maxi Rodriguez and a host of others A Football Report is a creative soccer blog that showcase and express why this game is loved world over. It started around 2009 in order to tell football stories as it is. The site contains pictures that captivate football events that have made their marks in the annals of history.

  1. Surreal Football (

This is a interesting blog. It gives insights and opinions about what they think football players and coaches should do to perform better. They also look at the lives of these players outside the football team and how it affects their performance on the field. There are different articles about past and present football players and what they have achieved on and off the pitch.

  1. Goal (

Goal is one of the top football website in the world. It keeps up to date with virtually all tops leagues in the world, from the premier league, a Liga, Seria A, LIgue en .It also gives you the most comprehensive news on football via the app, which enables you to get their news as it comes. Goal also brings you transfer rumors, injury news and live matches across the globe.

  1. Arse Blog (

Created in 2002 by  Andre Mangan. An unrepentant arsenal fan, he writes everyday about arsenal news, transfer mills and latest information concerning the gunners. This blog has both a mobile version and desktop .There are various articles on this blog which are open to discussion by millions of avid fans who trod the site daily.

  1. 101 Great Goals(

As the name implies 101 great goals is dedicate talking about football and showing top-notch quality goals of the beautiful game. The site is a global football news publisher devoted engaging its teeming audience of over 6million monthly followers across the web and mobile world. This website is updated daily with football news, transfer and videos of the beautiful game.

  1. Copa 90 (

Big balls media created this site in 2012 to talk more about football traditions and culture. It was set out to let the fans celebrate their passions and tell football stories to interested individuals. It talks more about what happens outside the game

  1. The people’s person (

For those who are interested in what is happening to Manchester united, this site is recommended. True Red devil fans that need news about Manchester united transfers news, injury updates, training sessions, match day coverage, insightful opinions and analysis should stay glued to this website. It was founded in April 2011 to make all united fans around the globe find out latest news about their favorite club.

  1. Talk Chelsea (

Like the name suggests, this blog is all about the blues. It is a Chelsea fan site where all blue fans around the world seek information about their clubs, contribute opinions and criticize their players. The site is run by a group of faithful Chelsea fans round the globe. Talk Chelsea also has forums where every fan can interact with one another, thereby connecting like-mind together.

  1. This is Anfield (

This is an independent football club for Liverpool, which has been opened since 2001.It is located in Liverpool, UK. Its aim is to provide latest news, reports, analysis and opinions on the Reds. It also contains exclusive contents and videos about Liverpool. It talks a lot about the history of the Red and provides various advertising opportunities for the fans.

  1. Empire of the Kop (

Founded in 2008, it is a social-blog for all Liverpool fans worldwide. There is something unique about the site, and that thing is that, no one edits anything on the site. Fans can bare out their mind about the clubs performances without fear or favor. There are various articles about the kop as well as inept analysis.

  1. Soccer Lens (

Soccer lens was created by Ahmed bilal in April 2006, although it is owned by Football Media, a football advertising agency. This is a platform meant for opinion seekers and experts who love football. The site covers all angles that have to deal with the development of soccer.

  1. Total Barca (

Like the name suggest, total barca is a sport community for all Barcelona fans worldwide. It gives opinions, analysis, and news about the beautiful game. It also shows previews about the youth team and how they are progressing. Catalonia fans should make the site their preferred.

  1. Soccer News (

For all those interested in soccer and are vivid followers of detailed analysis and statistics, this site is good for you. It talks about transfers rumors and d and dealings and is filled with up-to-date stories covering a broad range of soccer topics. There is also an available extensive tip on betting and predictions are made every day for interested fans

  1. Who Scored ( blog consists of dedicated football analyst and software developers who have deep background in soccer-related news. The site has different features like live scores, deep analysis on the top leagues in the world, ratings of players in top football countries.

  1. Caught Offside (

It was created in September 2005 to talk about soccer transfer rumors, news from the premier league and others. It also talks about gossips and shows video highlights of matches that have been played.

  1. Inside world football (

The website was created in 2010 by renowned sport media outfit Dunsar Media Limited, which is based in the UK. Like the name suggest inside world football talks about the aspects of football on a global level. If you want to know about the politics in FIFA, UEFA and other world soccer governing body, this site is for you.

  1. Chelsea Daft (

Forget the daftness in the name; the site was created to whet the appetite of Chelsea football fans worldwide. This site has over 51 million page views ,and  an average of over a million views per month. It also has a forum where true blue fans all over the world can connect and interact.

  1. Le Grove (

Geoff and Pedro started the site in 2007 to create a platform where avid arsenal fans could discuss whatever they want with no barriers. It is a blog where gunner fans in the Uk and all over the world talk about gunners news, transfer and injury updates. Different articles are posted daily to keep the teeming viewers abreast with what is happening at the emirates.

  1. Soccer cleats (

Created in 2008, it is designed for all soccer players, both old and young, who are vehemently trying to get fair opinions on soccer boots. The site is mainly set up for one to understand the types, variants and shades of boots which are necessary instruments for a football player. Prices of these boots are also displayed on the site, with the online sites that you can get them

  1. WhySayAnything (

WhySayAnything is is the destination football website for Manchester fans over the world. Fonded by Ian, the site has won various awards and contains the best sporting articles. Ian is a feature writers on top sport blogs around the world.

  1. Rossoneri Blog (

The blog was set-up in 2009 to engage Milan fans about news related to their great club. Or who can forget how the great Milan team was the giant in Italian football and European competitions before things changed. The website is in English, to accommodate many rossoneri fans around the world. It features day to day news and transfer rumors about the great Ac Milan.

  1. Soccer Pro   (

The website is crafted for football lovers that love soccer. The site shares popular and unpopular opinions, current events and it also reviews team jerseys and boots. If you want to see the latest jerseys your team is using and will be using next season, you might want to check the site.

  1. Top Drawer Soccer (

Robert Ziegler, who is a passionate soccer fan created this blog in 2003, for those interested in pre- and post soccer information. The sites discuss new rules and reform that accompany the game. It also provides ranking and scores for over a 100,000 players and 6,000 teams worldwide.

  1. NUFC The Mag (

The Mag is a big independent network that provides for all loyal magpies (Newcastle fans) worldwide. The site is dedicated to entertain and inform the followers of Newcastle about lasts news and views of the team. The site is not affiliated to Newcastle club, but just does its professional job by writing news about it

  1. Toffee web (

Like the name suggests, Toffee web is an online platform dedicated to Everton fans worldwide. The site was created to inform viewers of latest news about Everton, ranging from managers, backroom staff, the players and possible transfers. It has different resources that interested people can check out.

  1. Outside of the boot (

Started around August 2012, with the aim of providing in-depth analysis and statistics  about the beautiful game. It also has weekly reports about the best talents around the globe, in which top European clubs may latch upon. Every week, writers provide bog debates which are incisive and captivating.

  1. A villa Fan (

A villa fan was founded in 2006 by two Aston villa fans. The discovered there passion is to make other football fans particularly Aston Villa fans happy, It is a fan site that seeks to unite all Aston Villa fans around the world to discuss more about their beloved team. The site contains mobile applications, downloads and forums.

  1. Soccer coaching Blog (

The site is been managed by Andrew Grifiths, to provide superb training schedules, ,training kits and DVDs that are important and useful to coaches and aspiring coaches. The blog discusses training pattern of coaches and issues concerning coaching methodology. Different coaches are brought from top teams in the UK who offer expert training and analysis about the gaffers job

  1. Stars and Stripes Fc (

The site provides news and information about on United States men and women soccer teams. It gives expert analysis on the progress of the national team and also updates on the Us league. The sites has a odds generating resource for putters, it also has a shopping avenue for interest people

  1. All Arsenal (

This blog is run by several Arsenal fans, whose aim is to bring the best sporting news about the goners. It is the number one source for arsenal information, transfer mills and daily gossips. Articles are posted daily to keep the goners faithful coming for more.

  1. These football times (

These football times is a blog created to look into the history of the great game. Every day it looks at the profile of great footballers who have graced the game and look at their contributions. It also looks at what inspired these great legends, so that upcoming players can learn from it.

  1. Just Football (

It is an independent football blog based in the UK since November 2007.It was ranked one of the best football blogs in the UK in 2010.It was created by Jonathan Fadugba to focus solely on football matters. There is an avenue to readers to send articles and contribute on posted articles, if you article is deemed worthy, it will grace their front page. It contains insightful analysis and opinions about the round-leather game.

  1. What a howler (

This is a football magazine which was created in July 2012 in the US.IT is both online and offline .It states salient points about football in the US and also digresses to the European seen frequently..They have subscribers in more than 25 countries and 50 states.

  1. The Original Winger (

Started out as an apparel site” Bumpy Pitch”, it has now evolved to a lifestyle bog which is influenced by the lifestyle and culture of soccer. The site is dedicated to exploring sport from the perspective of the founders. It is deep and rich.

  1. Real Madrid News (

An unofficial site that is dedicated to everything on  the galacticos. The purpose of this site is to provide up to date resource and give news, match reports, analysis and commentaries. It is the view of the creator to bring together all fans of the Los meringues to a united front

  1. Kop world(

It is an independent Liverpool football Club fan site. It states categorically that its aim to to unite all Liverpool fans worldwide by creating a platform where they can share their opinions. Articles are place everyday relating to the success, transfer and relevant news about the reds.

  1. Juve Fc (

Like the name suggests, Juve Fc is a site created to inform the entire Juventus fans worldwide about their favorite clubs. The site features news, match interviews, transfer mills, injury news, video highlights and exclusive updates about the baconeeries.It is a site that salivates all Juventus fans.

  1. West Ham Till I die (

It is a blog run by Iain dale. It was launched in February 2006 to cater for the needs of the hammers. It has become one of the most visited football blogs in the UK.The blog takes daily articles where readers can offer opinions and suggestions. If we compare this site to other blogs, it is noted that this site has made giant strides in news reporting. The site bans all forms of profanity.

  1. Equalizer Soccer (

Launched in July 2009, with the basic aim of given women football the necessary coverage and exposures it deserves. In a year, the blog has turn into an haven where professional news about women is been sourced for around the world. Equalizer soccer analysis women football but foreign and domestic.

  1. Soccer without borders (

The purpose of this blog is using football has a driving tool to make positive change for youths who are interested in the beautiful game. It helps these kids to overcome hurdles which may hamper their growth. The site shares success stories of people who made it plating soccer despite difficult odds staked against them

  1. Atletico Fans (

The name suggests the blog to be an English language resource center which gives out news update and opinions about club Atletico de Madrid in La Liga. It was created in 2010 for Altletico Madrid fans around the Uk , Us and English speaking European nations. It is looking for the fans of Atletico Madrid to interact.

  1. Beyond the Last man (

This is a retro football blog. It focuses on the global game spanning decade’s from the 1940s through to the 1990s.It is mainly concerned with the history of the beautiful game, and how that history can make the game better. It peeps into the history of the world cup, European cups and the English first division .The site is updated every day to keep the viewers glue to the site.

  1. Pitch Invasion (

Founded in 2007, the site is a American –Based online resource publication, that talks about world soccer cultures, traditions and historical perspective. It has news about football clubs worldwide which are written by dedicated editors.

  1. Big soccer (

This is a forum created to expose the MLS (major league soccer) in the US to the world. The league is indeed in need of the adequate exposure to lure great players and viewers. That is the major aim of this site, it tells the world how the league is faring and how it is been run. It also has videos of top matches in league and highest of some of the greatest goals scored in the league. It also talks about FIFA and its policies.

  1. Online Gooner (

Online Gooner is a top Arsenal fan site created to sensitize the goner fans about the latest news concerning their great club. It has links to videos, highlights and also shops that sells Arsenal kits. Everyday there are quiz that fans try to answer to test their knowledge about the club. There is a podcast and weekly magazines to check out to interested parties. If you are an arsenal fan, you might want to check this site out.

  1. Football Pink (

Football Pink is an array of bloggers, content writers and photographers who give their positions, observations and analysis about football stories from all over the globe. The blog also have a print magazine which is usually available on their site for download.

  1. Into the top corner (

It was founded in February 2012 to become one of the most respected football blogs in India. It has close to 500,000 visitors and over a  million views daily. It is intended to cater for fans who are interested in breaking news, match previews ,match analysis from both the English Premier League and UEFA champions league. This site is the brain –child of Shantanu   Ambekar and his Hindu friends.

  1. Filipino Football Blogspot (

This Blog is created by Jonny in the year 2008 for Football lovers in Asia; It deals majorly with news about Filipino football and Asian football news. The main aim is to bring Filipino football closer to the fans.

  1. Fat Back Four (

It is one of the world best leading site sources for online soccer news. The main purpose of the site is to mix authentic journalism with astute passion that emanate from the round leather game. There are lots of freelance writers who are Syrian refugees.

  1. The turbulent world of Middle East soccer (

Created by James Dorsey, the site is meant to tell the world about football in the ever-troubled Middle East. It let us have adequate information about people and stars that are in the Middle East and how struggling football players cope in the trouble Middle East league. For those interested in Middle Eastern football, this site is for you

  1. NUFC blog (

NUFC blog is meant to promote discussion about Newcastle United from the ever present fans around the Uk and world. The hope of this blog is to create a community where views and opinions about the club can be discussed .The site is been update everyday to keep fans interested. There are some basic rules to follow so, rebels can keep off.

  1. Dirty South Soccer (

Since 2005, this site which comprises of a network of sport  communities where various fans coverage to discuss about their favorite teams. The site encourages its members to obey some rules like, avoiding insults, trolling, posting offending message and photos. Anyone found of going against any of the rules is banned for some time. Apart from these, it is a good site for football fans.

  1. East Lower (

The blog was created by an Arsenal fan since 2003 to create daily news and articles about the goners. He has over the years made the site an avenue of some sort for all arsenal fans.

  1. Gooner Daily (

Like the site name signifies, Goner Daily is a blog that feeds the reader daily about new from Arsenal Football Club. The news ranges from arsenal gossips, rumor mills, match previews, team news and injury updates. Since its inception around 2010,it has won numerous awards which include best online media(2013).best sports blog(2012.2013) and a host of others.

  1. A cultured Left Foot (

Established in the year 2006, the site is purely concerned with arsenal football news and statistics. Articles are created daily for people to comment on .Profanities and fake news is discouraged.

  1. Arsenal Vision (

This is an online blog that is created in late 2015 to promote arsenal news for all their fans worldwide. This online resource has previews, reviews, post match question and answer segment. It is a site all goners should endeavor to check out.

  1. American Soccer analysis (

This site intended purpose is to bring exposure and more flair to American soccer. The site has various statistics and analysis which they give for people interested in American football.MLS tables, team selections and players profile and dissected game by game to tell the world how the soccer in that region is fairing.MLS players salaries from the highest and lowest is also on the site, for those interested in how much players earn.

  1. Republik of Mancunia (

The republic of Mancunia is a Manchester united blog that was created in 2006, with the interest of all Manchester united fans at heart. The aim of the blog is to reflect the way Manchester united fans worldwide think about their club despite the troubled time they are going through. The site articles are written by Scott, who is a season-holder of Manchester united. You can kindly browse through the everyday updated articles and analysis.

  1. Red Rants (

It is a no hold barred Manchester united fan blog created for all red devil fans to vent their frustration and hopes about their darling club. There are basically no rules in this blog, so you can say what you feel like without any punishment meted out. There is an everyday analysis article about recent Manchester united result.

  1. Stretty News (

Stretty news was launched in 2010 to create news and opinions for all Manchester united fans, through an unbiased fan site. It has become an avenue of some sort to writers and professional journalists to air their views concerning Manchester united. The goal of this site is to provide daily news about Manchester united. It is an open resource for everyone who has the red devils at heart.

  1. Live for Liverpool (

This is an obvious Liverpool fan site created to offer news and statistics about the Kop. On the platform have Match day analysis, fixtures, results, table and opportunities for writers who want to contribute to the site. It is updated daily by the admin with interesting news articles and discussions.

  1. Paisely Gates (

Launched by Michael Quinn and his friends.It was created to spread the news about Liverpool around the globe. Also transfer news, injury updates and videos of Liverpool team, which are all meant to entertain the viewers. You can find all these and more on Paisley Gates.

  1. The Kop times (

Kop times are a part of the football friends’ online blog network which is meant to bring in fresh and innovative new ideas, opinions and comments about the Liverpool team. It is founded by football fans around the world to be a voice to the timid fans. For updated news on Liverpool, stay glue to this site.

  1. Friends Of Liverpool (

The website is dedicated to giving news updates, podcast, opinions about one of the greatest football club in history. There is an available team of well-dedicate staff whose job is to keep viewers up to speed about all news concerning Liverpool. There is an available archive that tells the story of great Liverpool players and coaches. For fans who won to reminiscent on such memories, then it is advice they check on the site daily. They will never walk alone.

  1. The Scratching Shed

The site takes his name from the old eland road. It is an online Leeds united fanzine created in 2008.The main purpose of the creation of this site is to light the dying candle of this great dying former premier league side, Leeds United. The Scratching Shed gives daily news about Leeds as well as various transfer rumors. For those also interesting in content writing about Leeds, the site provides an opportunity for them.

  1. Totteham blog (

This fan site is launched to foster a community relationship among all spurs fan around the globe. Tottenham Hotspur which is an elite team in the English premier league deserves a fan website that will show its accomplishments and history; this is what Totteham blog gives to its numerous viewers. It has various videos, and match highest that waters the mouth of the followers of this great club.

  1. Clean Sheets All Round (

Clean Sheets All Round (CSAR) is one the fastest growing and superb football resource around now…It is a top site for WAGs, transfer news, on and off the pitch scenarios..It specializes in delivering mild tone content garnished with unforgettable features and opinions. It attracts, the young, and old alike who are interested with social media news update.

  1. Iron Views (

Iron news is a Uk based fanzine, that talks about everything related to West Ham United. The site was founded June 2012 to provide and enabling environment for all hammer fans on a global level. This is where they can express their opinions about the team they cherish a lot. There is lots of breaking transfer news and match line-up available.

  1. Spanish Football Sport (

Launched in 2009 by an  ex-football amateur player in Spain. The creator of the site wants to use his experience in the football world to educate individuals, particularly those interested in Spanish football news about what is going out in Spanish football. It is a concise blog, where various degree of news mainly about football in Spain is propagated.

  1. French Football Weekly (

This is a weekly online football website, which talks majorly about the French league. The interest of creator is to let the world know all news coming out of France. It talks about the Ligue en and LIGUE 2.Everyday, articles concerning selected teams in France is written and diverse opinions and suggested by the viewers who come to the site daily for unique French news.

  1. La Liga Blog (

This is a newly created blog which was launched in 2011 .but I has is based in Uk to cater for all La Liga lovers in the British territories. The content of this site varies from La Liga history, to up to date news information about the Spanish league. There is also a section for video highlights of selected matches. If you are in Uk and need genuine information about La liga, this is the site for you.

  1. Bundesliga Fanatic (

It is the best English language blog covering the German league. The site features match reports, interviews, history of German football, editorials and news update about the bundesliga.It has various articles and news piece it updates everyday to the delight of its viewers.

  1. A different League (

A different league was created in 2009 with the sole aim of dishing out football news, opinions and commentaries about the English Premier league and other European league. The site is updated daily by Editor Van Genechten to make the site entertain and lively. Question and answer sessions are also available for the round leather game fans.

  1. World soccer talk (

World soccer talk has been around since 2005, and it is a site that provides independent voice for all football fans around the world. It features daily news and analysis on all major league in the globe. It has an array of over two million visitors daily who are interested in videos, soccer news and interesting interviews from pundits.

  1. Football Extras (

This website is a football blog that features top football news around the world. It was launched around 2007 to cater for lovers of the beautiful game. This independent blog gives viewers the chance to interact with other football lovers. They cover major leagues around the world like English premier league, Spanish La liga, Seria A and others.

  1. Football Target (

Created by Football Lovers and Ex-football  players to put their passionate soccer news online. The site follows stays in touch with big teams in Europe. It also covers news, previews, recaps, highlights and videos; it encourages passionate football writers to write soccer articles.

  1. Football Laction (

Launched way back in 2013, to cater for football fans. It was  created bring the best sporting news and bring footy stories to fans. Founded by Sam, it encourages passionate football writes to post articles and opinions which will grow the site.

  1. Football Shoot (

Foot Ball shoot blog is a community that caters for football stories and delivers adequate, unique news, transfers rumor, match previews and lots more about recent happenings around the world of soccer.

  1. Fiesta Football (

This online resource was birth to create awareness about the numerous events happening in the world of football..It has various daily articles which are garnished with up-to-date news about the most powerful leagues around the world.

  1. The Ball is round (

This Uk based blog is an archive .It is concerned with the historical knowledge of the football, particularly, the English Football league. It takes us back to the old days, and shows the progress of players from the youth leagues to senior teams. It talks about grassroots football.

  1. 1000 goals (

1000 goals is a blog that talks about the beautiful game in all ramifications..The platform provides a good opening for soccer news, highlights, betting, and live scores. It was created to provide in -dept analysis of football players and their decisive goals.

  1. The football saga (

The site is built-up to present football lovers with all possible genuine and necessary news on soccer. The purpose of the site is to make it possible for the site to provide exclusive soccer news and latest happenings in the world of football. Also the blog lets you keep in touch with important football headlines.

  1. Two Hundred Percent (

It started around may 2006, with the aim of carrying fans along with latest happenings in politics, culture, finance and history of football..They focus their beam now on Uk but hope to speak their tentacles all over the globe. They currently have bi-weekly podcast, present by Ian King and Edward carter.

  1. Football Views (

A football view is a football blog that brings you the best and the most insightful football articles around the sporting world. In this site you will get to know recent football news, transfer updates, gossips, reviews and updates.

  1. Natter Football (

The site was established to provide an enabling platform for the football fans to have a say about soccer news. The site strive to be independent and unbiased in his reviews and articles..It covers all aspects of football, form the La Liga to the English premier league and other European leagues. Sometimes the site edits comments and opinions which they think does not match their profile.

  1. Soccer Manager (

Soccer manager is one of the best online management games around. It was created in 2005 to look at the parts of football that pertains to management and tactics..It helps with basic team tactics, formations, buying and selling of players and what in entails to be a successful manager in real life.

  1. Fifty Five (

It is an online magazine which represents next generation evolution, features and multimedia content. It deals with football news from Northern America..It is the magazine that explores the depts Of soccer and culture in the North.

  1. Soccer Metrics (

This is research data measurement problem solver. It is a software company that is interested in the football industry. The work of this online company involves quantitative analysis of team and players performance.

  1. Footy Blog (

This is a blog dedicated to the round leather game. The aim of the blog is to take a funny approach to football issues, ranging from recent happenings in the Premier League in England and other big news around the world

  1. Dirty Tackle (

It was founded in 2008 by Brooks Peck .It is a football magazine launched to propagate the news coming out from the football world. It tells us about latest news in the top leagues in the world. It is visited daily by millions of fans.

  1. Zonal Marking (

A football blog concerned with football tactics and formations. Tactics is the primary aim of this site. It uses diagrams, graphs and statistics to elucidate its points. The site puts itself in the manager’s position and tends to solve complex problems posed to the gaffer.

  1. FIFA soccer blog (

The site is here to provide interested soccer fans with the latest news concerning FIFA. It is run by real football fans to quench their thirst for FIFA news. FIFA is the biggest football organization in the world, therefore it is pertinent that blog concern itself with news from it

  1. Sporting Life (

This is a US based football site that deals with various types of sporting news in the world. It provide incisive articles and opinions about different genres of sports , ranging from soccer, basketball, hockey and a host of others

  1. Bleacher Report (

This online site which comprises of various football writers and bloggers coverings diverse sport from NBA,MMA,NASCAR,NHL and college football. It is a very top site which has various awards from different organizations.

That wraps up our top football blog to watch out for in 2018. On our winner list? Add the badge to your site