strategic art of betting

Since the 19th century when the internet age has grown, several questions have been asked ranging from how to make money online and of what use is the internet to people who want to make money from it.

Betting is one of the ways in which we can make money through the use of the internet, how then can we tap out-out of this business to be successful.

Betting is an art to be learned, fine-tuned, harnessed and practiced to be successful in the business. Before delving into it, you have to ask yourself some pertinent questions so as not to run into potholes in the future. Some of these questions are but not limited to the below:

  • Why do I want to bet?
  • How much do I really want to invest?
  • Do I want to be a punter or a gambler?
  • Which platform is best for me?
  • Which sport do I want to bet on?
  • Which bookmaker /markets are best for me?
  • Do you want to play only board games or virtual?

Let us start with the first question? “Why should you bet?”

This question can only be answered by you alone. You should consider your main motivations for doing it because a man without focus and motivations will fail before he or she starts a business. Individual bet mainly for two things; business and pleasure. There are people which bet because of both though.

We have professional gamblers who take gambling very seriously and that is their primary mode of living and some of the top sports blogs are also listed here.

Do you want to join them? Are you capable and do you have ample time to join? Like most business, if you are serious about making money you need to check how much funds you have to start it.

Please let it be known that you may lose before you make a profit, so be prepared to lose. Losers are winners and you gain experiences.

For business-minded gamblers make sure you have: enough money, a good mobile phone, and Internet connection. With these at your disposal, your journey into successful betting has just begun.

Let us now come to the fun part, if your aim is just to play to see if you can win or lose, then please do not play with serious money. Play with only what you can lose. The funds needed for these type is minimal and should be limited to just a few funds. If you win, you have bragging rights as a good predictor and if you lose well, that is it.

To the second question, how much really do you want to invest into betting?

Without mincing words, betting requires money and depending on how much you earn and have in your savings, you have to consider if you really want to bet heavily or just with a token.

My advice basically on this issue is to bet wisely and chose what suits you. Even bookmakers advise customers to bet with what they can lose. Will you be able you eat and pay your rent if you lose five thousand dollars, if you can’t, then do not bet with that kind of amount? Just stick to a few hundred. Look betting should not be a do-or-die affair, it is a game of luck and should be viewed so. Finance should be looked into critically before deciding whether to bet big or small … be wise

Another question to ask is whether to decide to be a punter or a gambler.

Let me explain both notions for you. A punter is an individual who decides to bet heavily on one game, while a gambler bets relatively low on a plethora of games to win big. In other words, a punter takes his time to research one or two sure games with good odds and stake good money to win an appropriate profit.

For example, a punter will take Chelsea FC vs Cardiff city game and play Chelsea straight win at 1.25 odds for 20,000 dollars to win 25 thousand dollars with a profit of 5,000 dollars while a gambler will pick 10 games with 100 odds and put a 100 dollars to win 10,000 dollars.which is better?

Depend on you and how much you have? The probability of a punter to win is clearly better because he has only one game to look forward to while a gambler has 10 games, if he wins games and loses one … he has lost his money.

Furthermore, you have to decide if you want to bet online or through shops (it is possible to use both options). When deciding on how to be a successful bettor, you have to decide if you will prefer online betting for shops.

Both have its advantages and disadvantages. Betting online allows one the privacy to see all markets and been focused on various options.

For those of us who like to keep a low profile and do not want people you know we bet, this is the best option.

What you need is just your credit card information and a good phone.

You will also need to provide your bank account details which winning funds will be transferred to. Another merit of online betting is the live-play options which allow you to play live games.

If you do not want the hassles that come with online betting, you can choose to bet in shops closer to you. You can do this by just walking into a close betting shops pick games and tell the cashier to play for you, the cashier, in turn, will give you a ticket/receipt which you will tender when you win any game to collect your winnings. The advantages of betting in shops are that you are paid cash when you win and have the opportunity of meeting bettors like you to share winning tips.

There is also the question of which sports and which markets to bet on.

The sports you be bet on depending on which sports you understand well and can make a good judgment on. For football lovers, soccer is the advisable sport to place bets on.

That said and done, the markets you play also play a crucial role to determine if you will win your bet. Depending on the bookmaker you use, there are various palatable markets to choose from ranging from a straight win, double chance, over/under 2.5 goals, handicap e.t.c.

To know the best market to play, you have to do an in-depth research on the terms, teams and leagues present.

This is because various teams have strength and weakness and it is advisable to key into such roles to maximize profit. An example is a Nigerian league which is known to have few away wins, therefore it will be suicidal to play away from wins in such leagues.

Some leagues are known for their goals, such leagues include Australia, Finland, and Cyprus, it will be wise to bet on over 2.5 goals in such leagues.

While some other leagues are known for relatively low goals, leagues like Iran, Libya, Bolivia, and Venezuela. Proper research must be done to ascertain the type of market that can be key into making money.

The bookmaker you use to play a prominent role in whether or not you are successful in soccer betting or not, the reasons for this is not far-fetched.

Bookmakers have various markets and odds which they operate with, therefore, you have to know which bookmakers suit your style.

Also, we have bookmakers that have various incentives like bonuses to influence customers, you have to be able to make appropriate use of such bonuses. Bookmakers have similar odds but some are bigger than others. You as a bettor have to choose what you prefer. How to go about these is to do a little research on all available bookmakers in the country and choose the one which suits you.

Lastly, you should consider if you want to play virtual soccer and board games or either of them. Virtual soccer which is available in most betting sites is a soccer betting which contains stimulated matches for different leagues which ranges between three to five minutes.

A virtual football league soccer main advantage is that you know you are recent within a short time and if you win, you collect your profit immediately, however it is tricky because it is programmed and it is difficult to read. Lots of people have lost a huge amount of money on candid advice is try as much as possible to stay away from it and concentrate more on board games. With board games, you have an equal chance with the bookmakers to win, but with virtual, the system is programmed by the bookmakers to make them win.

On a final note, to be a successful bettor, one must have these qualities:

  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Intellect.
  • You must not give up easily
  • Make sure you follow your mind, people who refuse to follow their mind end up losing.

Please just because you follow your mind does not mean you should not listen to people’s suggestions and opinion. Do not fret or dilly-dally, do not spend outside your financial cocoon. Be smart and be brave.

Remember that fortune only favors the brave, be careful but not too careful. Research, strategize, learn and make betting your strength.

Please do not run into debts, bet only what you can lose … may our tickets be green.